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How do I get started with Fitstar?

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Fitstar's personalized video workouts are available for your mobile device or computer in these locations:

  • iOS—Look for the Fitstar Personal Trainer app or Fitstar Yoga app in the Apple App Store.
  • Android—Look for the Fitstar Personal Trainer app in the Google Play Store.
  • Computer—Visit to use Fitstar Personal Trainer. If you're curious about browser compatibility, see What are Fitstar's technical requirements?
At this time the Fitstar Yoga app is available exclusively to iOS users. It's possible to buy a Premium subscription from but you can only use the app on an iOS device.

Creating an account

Fitstar lets you create an account from scratch or use your existing Fitbit or Facebook profiles instead. You only need to create a Fitstar account once—the same credentials can access any Fitstar app or Basic accounts are free and offer two video workouts (called sessions) per week. If you upgrade to a Premium membership for Fitstar Personal Trainer or Fitstar Yoga, you can select from the entire library of sessions at any time. For more information see What do I get with a Fitstar Premium membership?

Get moving with Fitstar Personal Trainer

After creating an account and entering your personal details, choose the trainer you'd like to use. To help you choose, watch the short video for each trainer or read their biographies on the Fitstar blog. Next you can take the Fit Test to help us gauge your fitness level, or opt to do it later and jump right into a program instead. Choose the free Get Moving program or upgrade to one of the Premium programs. Premium programs offer more workouts per week, a wider range of exercises, and full access to the Fitstar content library. 

Get moving with Fitstar Yoga

When using Fitstar Yoga for the first time, start with the Yoga Intro session. Matched to your experience level, it guides you through a series of poses and asks for your feedback about half way through. If you'd rather not disrupt your flow, you can wait until the end of the session to rate the poses. Fitstar Yoga will tailor the difficulty and intensity of future sessions based on your feedback.

Last updated: February 24, 2017
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